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ඔබට ත්‍රෙෙලෝක්‍යවිජයා පොත නිවසටම ගෙන්වා ගැනීමට අපගේ වෙබ් පිටුවට පිවිසෙන්න. Buy Here.

Archaeological, Historical, Ayurvedic Understandings and Western Scientific Research About The Relationship Between Humans and Cannabis.

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Archaeological, Historical, Ayurvedic understandings and Western Scientific research about the relationship between Humans and Cannabis.

This work includes information about the universe which began with the OM sound. It is about: the effects of gravity; the formation of the basic elements, the solar system, earth, moon and the oceans; the life that began with a single DNA molecule; the formation of multi celled life forms and the development of the Endocannabinoid system in them; the migration of life forms in the ocean to the land due to the formation of the Ozone cover above; the evolution of mammals like monkeys, Chimpanzees to Humans after the destruction of the dinosaurs; how Man who was born in Africa distributed all over the world looking for greener pastures and the meeting of Man and the Kansa plant in the Yellow River Valley in China; how he made it his most preferred food; how Kansa provided the fibre to the weaving industry and also fulfilled the spiritual intentions of Man; how the Kansa plant superseding all other plants on earth brought solace to Man.

The Endocannabinoid system works within the bodies of all beings on earth except insects to maintain the activities of the body in pristine condition for the continuation of a good life.

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